Letting Go

This thing may be a job and in that case making plans to move on would be a great step to take. Another scenario may be a partnership that just hasn’t be in alignment with your goals. Of course in relationships we have our individual need, however there needs to be some needs, especially important ones that are in alignment with each other. Some things just won’t change over time and if someone constantly feels like they are sacrificing themselves then it’s just heading for doom.

Similarly, familial relationships are often tougher because w don’t want to disappoint our family members, even when the situations they present aren’t healthy. But family or not, chasing to put yourself behind others constantly will only created a deeper problem for you in the end. Each time you expose yourself to a person or thing that is not serving you a build up is set in motion. This build up can only grow and over time can even manifest itself as stress and deeper health problems.

In some situations letting go will be temporary to allow yourself to focus on you as necessary. Other times, letting go needs to be more long term. When you are in tough with yourself and your needs this will be clearly apparent.


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