The feeling that holds you back even when you want to move forward.

The voice in your head that says you are not good enough.

The picture that you see of yourself being rejected.

Those are all of fear. Fear is not your friend. Well, it can be if used appropriately. Instead of having fear drive you in directions away from accomplishing your goals, you can choose to take charge. The only thing giving fear power is you. Let’s say that again: The only thing giving fear its power is you. You decide what to be afraid of and how to respond. Likewise, you can also decide to push past the fear to arrive at your true potentials.

Fear will always come around. It’s just one of those things that exist and will appear every now and then. When you acknowledge that you are in control of you fear, you can use it to your advantage. A way to do that is to take time to assess why fear is showing up for you in your particular situations. Consider the specific feelings it evokes in you and think about why. Reflect on any link you can make to past experiences you may have had and how that is showing up in that moment of fear.

By taking time to reflect in those ways, you allow yourself to retake charge of your life, including any fears that may arise. After working them through with those questions, you can then move on to identify what moving forward can look like for you beyond the fear. The more you do this, the less control fear will have over your life because you will have a plan in place for working through it effectively.

While fear will always rears its head every now and then, by facing it head on you can successfully overcome them. Allow yourself necessary time to reflect and identify what is fueling each occurrence of fear and then move forward past them. Becoming more self aware will also help you to build your skills around inner reflection.



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