How Aware Are you?

Wherever You Go You Bring YOU with You. And the version of you who shows up is not something you have to leave up to chance or societal standards. Society prioritizes working harder, faster and giving more, more, and still more. But the body is quite incredible and when it’s ready to say no more, it automatically initiates a “shutting down” process. If you’re lucky it will be a minor warning that hopefully you’ll heed. But many of us will take the warning temporarily and then proceed as though we are indestructible. Eventually though, we find that we’re in much bigger problems with our health, often to the point where we and often the doctors have no clue what’s happening.

This can be quite frightening. I know because I’ve been there. For a person who is in control of everything this can be quite ungrounding as well because at this point the control is out of your hands. And, at this point it takes much more work to heal, especially when the stress of the unknown increases the toxic effects on your body.

Quite often, a big contribution to this spiral is lack of self awareness. When we aren’t aware of how different situations playing out in our lives and how our interactions with different people impact us, then we aren’t really in charge of ourselves. Instead we are simply reacting to the people and things around us, without direction or intention.

But luckily, there is possibility to turn things around. You CAN CHOOSE the version of you that shows up by becoming more self aware and purposeful about living with intention and authenticity. Start by designating time to get to know and treat yourself with value, respect and love.

Use my free self awareness quiz to get started 

Also, check out the 28 Days to a Better You Wellness and Self-Care Guide to get practical activities that help you learn about and develop personalized routines.

It all starts with YOU. And the sooner you start the better. Know that you don’t have to wait to experience a breakdown in your health to become more self aware and start taking better care of yourself. You have the power to start today.


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