What’s Your Purpose?

Many of us will find that we ask ourselves many questions throughout the course of our lives. This is particularly true as you get a bit older a little more mature and want to explore more about who you are and what you are meant to do. 

One of those questions will likely be, “what’s my purpose?” and it’s a valid one because living with purpose and meaning creates a happier existence and experiences, both with yourself and others. But that questions is not as apparent as it may seem. Many struggle to find real answers. So then how do you find out your true purpose?

It’s not a question you can answer right off the bat. It requires some thought to really explore your interests and gain more insight about yourself and how you have interacted in spaces and experiences over the course of your life. To get to the meat of that questions you may want to identify and write down things that you have been deeply interested in – consider the things you keep coming back to – the things that bring you joy and fullfilment. 

You may want to write those things down so that you can continue to truly analyze them. Remember that we aren’t one dimensional so it may not be just one thing that call to you. And even if you find that one thing, you may explore it in different versions that make the most sense and is the most ideal for you. As you continue to explore this question and others, you may find that spirituality becomes a deeper topic for you. Check out the Awaken Spirituality and Self Healing course as you explore.


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