True Meditation 

In some communities it would seems as though if you’re not practicing meditation you’re not truly living. It can be such a buzz word that it often seems out of reach for people who are just getting started. But know that once upon a time before those people became meditation “experts” they too had to go through the initial stages of discomforts as they familiarized themselves with the practice.

The practice of meditation like other wellness modalities is not limited to just a few. They are readily available to everyone and you don’t need an expert to get started. If you dedicate yourself enough you too can become comfortable and find great benefits in meditation practice. In addition to helping you build a deeper connection to yourself and your spirituality, some benefits of practicing meditation include:

  • managing stress effectively 
  • creating better relationships 
  • enhancing self awareness 
  • deepening feelings of gratitude 

Consider meditation a self care routine and commitment to your overall wellbeing. There’s a reason why it’s called a practice. Think of the term, “practice makes perfect.” Very rarely, if at all do people attempt something and just “get it.” Rather, after some attempts they begin to see progress. This progress then continues over time of practice where the person find themselves becoming more comfortable. The initial jittery feeling of being unsure that can come with starting something new is in the distant past replaced by confidence.

Begin knowing it doesn’t have to be perfect. Set a time for yourself be it 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer. It’s okay to start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time. In a fact, I recommend that to help you adjust. Just make sure that whatever time you choose you allow yourself to sit still undisturbed. Remove potential distractions ahead of time. Find a quiet space and get comfortable. You may take a few deep breaths or do some diaphragmatic breathing. Then breath normally and begin. 


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