Trauma Isn’t Intentional 

Trauma is sometimes equated to intentionality. Which may then used to access whether trauma was inflicted in a certain situation or not. But trauma isn’t always intentional. At times the people inflicting trauma aren’t always doing so intentionally. 

In fact, the issue with generational trauma is that specific scenarios and experiences are constantly being passed down in families without anyone acknowledging related issues with the behaviors. In such case, since these behaviors are sometimes touted as revered cultural practices or respected traditions, it can often be difficult to break the barrier. And the first person that does so may be seen as a rebel, and may even have to take a step back from family because of their differences in views.

The person brave enough to step away from generational traumas will realize that it really doesn’t matter whether trauma was intentional or not. What matters is acknowledging the traumatic experiences and taking time to explore connected nuances like how they show up, where, the types of emotions and actions that surface, etc.

This is also true for trauma as experienced in other situations like in the workplace or in social settings. Since different people also come with their own idiosyncrasies, cultures, past experiences, etc, traumatic experiences will differ from person to person. In this case, it perfectly acceptable to feel one’s feelings even if another doesn’t feel the same. Likewise, taking care in respecting people’s individuality will help to resist inflicting trauma. Or, at the least, being open to acknowledging and correcting any traumatic experience inflicted on someone else, whether intentional or not.


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