Expanded States of Consciousness

Moving into becoming more self aware, one topic to which we may be introduced is expanded states of consciousness.    

The merriam-webster online dictionary describes consciousness as having to do with both awareness and the mind. Specifically, “the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself” and “the state of being characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, and thought.”

Expanded states of consciousness therefore can be described as being aware of something beyond oneself linked to sensations and emotions. In an expanded state, the mind is no longer limited by the normal views and ways of thinking and seeing. We can say in this sense that thought therefore is subdued. In this case as well one’s ego, as identified by views and justifications of the self, is pushed aside.

What remains is pure clear awareness that is often different from everyday experiences. These experiences are often referred to as “true” experiences since they are not limited by the constructs of the mind and the many interactions throughout our lives that make us see the world the way we do. We become more aware of a collective consciousness in which we are not singular, but rather we recognize ourselves as one with all things. We see thing beyond ourselves according to our normal consciousness and beyond what the brain can usually perceive.

There are various ways in which to achieve expanded states of consciousness. Some of these include empty mind meditation, hypnotherapy, psychedelics and technology. Mind movies also have the ability to help achieve expanded states of consciousness in meditation practices. Since it can be such a delicate experience, it’s best to consider safety and trust as major parts of any exploration of expanded states of consciousness.


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