Free Tarot Request

How To Request A Free Tarot Reading

  1. Once you read this page in its entirety, complete the form below to request a reading. Be specific and clear so that we can deliver a good reading.
  2. You’ll receive an email confirming if you are selected to receive a reading. The email will also have the date your reading will be available. 
  3. If there are follow up questions we will communicate to you via email.
  4. Once your reading is ready you will receive it via email. 
  5. In exchange for your tarot reading, please share your constructive review – you will receive a link to do so when you receive your reading.

This FREE tarot reading is quite popular and not everyone will be able to receive a reading. However, once you sign up you will be entered into the pool to be selected for a reading each week. Once you receive a reading, your name will be removed to make availability to others. Note that this offering can change at any time.

Rules & Expectations

To make this a smooth experience, please adhere to the following rules and expectations:

  • You should request a Free Tarot Reading only once.
  • Your request may only contain one specific question. Read this post (coming soon) to help form your question clearly.
  • Provide as much details as you can when you pose your question.
  • Your reading will be delivered via email within 7 days of being selected. 
  • Be sure to enter your email address correctly since that is the way we will communicate with you once you are selected for a free reading.
  • You are expected to give a constructive review once you receive your reading. 
  • Check out this blog post on the tarot. It can help with formulating a question.
  • The decision regarding the length of reading, type of tarot spread used, and the number of cards drawn is entirely ours.
  • If you are not selected for a reading you will not receive an email from us as we are unable to respond to every request. But you will continue to be included in the drawing for future requests.
  • We are unable to answer follow requests to pull additional cards for a reading. 
  • Our tarot offering is 100% free. You will not be asked for money or be sold any additional readings.

Complete the following form to Request a Tarot reading:

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