Self Care Modalities

Self care should be a priority in everyone’s life. The different modalities available to us makes it much more attainable. So within a few minutes self care can be incorporated in your daily practice. Some modalities you may try include:

Nature – just being in nature has major benefits for the body. It brings a calming effect, especially when you allow yourself to really unwind and become a part of your environment for those moments. You may choose to enjoy a nature walk in a local park or down a tree-filled block, listen to the waves of the ocean or waterfall, observe the sunset or moonlight, listen to the sounds of the gentle breeze or chirping birds, or simple remember or observe a time you felt connected to nature.

Breath – paying attention to your breath allows for a special type of connection to oneself. In addition to having the benefits of relieving stress, taking time to breathe intentionally also helps to regulate the nervous systems which is responsible for our fight or flight response. Intentional breathing further helps us to slow down and remember ourselves – it’s a way to reconnect with what matters and shut out everything else in those moments. It allows you to give yourself permission to be and feel without judging yourself. Try diaphragmatic, alternate nostril or triangle breathing.

Rest – many people lack the absolute to really rest. Whether suffering from insomnia, always being available to others, caught up in the busy world of tech or whatever else, it’s often not so easy to shut out the outside world and just rest. Either thoughts of the day will come knocking or the familiar antsiness of  sitting still create an unbearable discomfort. I’m not just talking about sleep here, but the ability to just disconnect from everything happening around us for a moment to just be and do nothing. Connecting with our spirituality is often a byproduct of this or vice versa.

Of course there are additional modalities to explore. The main point is that no matter who I you choose, just make sure you are creating time for yourself and a self care routing in your every day life. Not only will it help you to form a deeper connection with yourself, it also helps with stress relief as well as a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle.


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