Tune Out The External

Life is filled with many unexpected situations. The people we interact with whether temporarily in our day to day or more permanently are different from us. They have their own personalities and bring their own ways of thinking and being to exchanges. With such human complexities, it can be difficult to have meaningful relationships at times. In fact, frustrations easily become the highlight in the smallest of situations.

As some of us will come to understand, we have no control over external factors. Contrarily, we can choose to hide away and experience the world by ourselves to resist complications. But what good can that really do? Ultimately, a healthy life experience will include interactions with others. These interactions will be with people with whom we have varying levels of relationships. But regardless of the relationship levels, we may at times experience situations that differ from our own views or others outside of our control. At times like those it’s beneficial to know how to respond.

In this way, it becomes easier to resist getting caught up with other people’s behaviors and situations out of our control. Oftentimes these are situations that may cause more long term harm. For example, acting out over something that cannot be undone – this by the way can be a big factor of stress. However, having greater control on how we choose to interact in different situations help limit stress along with other benefits like better relationships. In no way is it a suggestion here to pretend because that is a silent cause of stress. Rather, being self aware and practicing to show up in ways that are most beneficial for you is the way to go.

When we can truly begin to grasp that focusing on things we cannot control makes little sense we begin to gain a better understanding of life. Beyond that, when we acknowledge that power lies within us to control the way we receive our experiences, then we can truly begin to live. We understand that what truly matters is our internal and choices. This idea is true for awakening spirituality as well as how we perceive and receive experiences with others. This can be called bliss, enlightenment, awakening and perhaps other terms as well.

By no means is this an easy task. It’s a commitment to yourself and your life’s journey. And once you accept these as true, you are well on the first step of your journey. A great way to get started with this is through meditation. Sitting in silence allows a greater connection with oneself. This together with practicing self awareness and gratitude will help you connect with the deepest levels of yourself. This can bring such a euphoric experience that you may wonder why you hadn’t realize any of it earlier. But you also know that things happen as they will and you begin to let go, tune out the external and deepen self connection.


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